Cleaning services to Protect Against Covid-19

From back-to-work measures to specialist cleaning measures

To best protect your staff, clients, and guests from Covid-19, you need a reliable team of cleaning experts.

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With the right quality of equipment, cleaning materials, and specialist techniques, we can successfully minimise the risk of Covid-19 in your commercial or public space.

With three different levels to suit your needs and budget, you can rest assured that your health and hygiene safety is in the right hands.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Preventing the spread of Covid-19

Representing the new standard of cleaning going forward, Stage 1 involves more frequent instances of professionally cleaning your space and paying special attention to high-risk touch points.

As the UK population returns to using shared workspaces and offices, it’s important that staff and customers alike are protected as much as possible. GEC cleaning offers a thorough and professional cleaning service in order to fully meet your needs and expectations.

Before the pandemic, very few of us considered how often bacteria and viruses are transferred via commonly touched areas. Keeping touch points like door handles, railings, lift buttons, washrooms, and communal areas clean is vital to minimising the spread of Covid-19.

Our specially trained and attentive cleaning technicians use virucidal equipment and materials to carry out their duties to dramatically minimise health risks.

An increased cleaning presence is an excellent way of inspiring confidence and giving your staff, guests, and customers the peace of mind to happily return to these communal professional spaces.

This service is ideal for preparing a professional space for a returning workforce or to deep clean a space that’s already operational.

Our trained cleaning technicians will perform an exacting and comprehensive deep clean of your workspace – whether that’s a single room or a whole building.

Using approved virucidal equipment and cleaning materials, our team will clean doors, walls, surfaces, washrooms, and any areas which usually experience high levels of human traffic.

Perfect for reassuring your staff or any occupants of their safety, this level of service is particularly efficient if the space has been unoccupied for some time and needs a general clean to restore general hygiene and aesthetics.

Representing our highest level of cleaning service, Stage 3 is a serious, one-off deep clean using specialist equipment and techniques.

Our trained cleaning and chemical technicians use a highly concentrated antimicrobial, Jangro Formula, to ensure your workspace is purged of any festering bacteria or contagion.

Boasting multi-surface, broad spectrum kill and residual control, the application of this particular chemical treatment is ideal for spaces where a confirmed case of Covid-19 has occurred.

Our expert team uses a combination of electrostatic spray, fogging and surface wipe down to ensure maximum coverage. Due to the efficacy of the chemical, our team wear complete shielding suits and filtration masks during the clean.

Thanks to the chemical’s bonding properties, you and your staff can enjoy protection against bacterial surface transference for up to 21 days.

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The benefits of choosing GEC Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your staff and/or clients as safe as possible, you need to expect the highest level of skill and care.

Our professional cleaning and hygiene technicians are well trained, experienced, and understand exactly how important their role is. They follow strict, government mandated procedures and take the time to ensure that all processes are followed to the letter.

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There’s no need to pay for or ensure a Covid-19 level clean that isn’t exactly suitable for your needs thanks to our ‘level’ system. Choose the level that matches your preferences and let our technical cleaners do the rest.

So that you get the very best outcome, we use government approved equipment, and cleaning materials that are of the highest quality.

Any questions or concerns? Drop us a line and our friendly regional team will be able to assist you directly.

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